Battle of the Sports- Poms Edition


Isabella Ghahtani, Staff Writer


National Honor Society officer Makenzie Cozza, a senior, created a way for fall sports teams to raise money for charity and bust a move on the football field on Aug. 23.

Cozza said she wanted to produce a method to incorporate the large number of sports teams and charitable goals.

The end result proved beneficial through donations and exposure under the Friday night lights.

The varsity poms team helped organize dance practices for each fall team to learn a small amount of choreography to perform during the varsity football halftime show. The teams had a week to learn and perfect their dances with the help of members from the poms team.

Tennis, which won the competition, football, cross country, volleyball, and soccer competed for the winning spot.

Each team had the opportunity to show off syncopated dance moves in hopes of raising the most amount of money to donate to a charity of that team’s choice. Seventy five percent of the proceeds from the winning team will be donated to a charity of choice; 25% will be given to that team’s budget for the year. This year, Girls Tennis chose the Make-a-Wish Foundation. See the tennis story on page 7.

The overall funds raised amounted to more than $800.

Cozza commentated during the student-led event before the tennis team was awarded first place. The competition was “a huge success,” Cozza said.