OPINION: Freshmen opinion: the new year


Sadie Hamilton

Freshmen hallway

Sadie Hamilton, Staff Writer

The transition from 8th grade to freshman year is an exciting (and a bit humbling) experience for us all. I hope my fellow freshmen are able to find some kind of comfort in the fact that most if not all others are feeling the exact same way they are.

I asked freshmen what is something they thought would be difficult, but isn’t. Most of their replies were: “finding my classes.” Something I’m sure most of you relate to is the panic of walking into Plainfield East on the day of orientation and realizing, “I have no idea where I’m going.”  The struggle of walking your schedule with your friends, looking for your 5th period and not being able to find it because no matter how many times you circle the hallway following the signs, they lead you anywhere besides your English class. Anyway, an actual answer from Tishma Ahmed, “getting to class.” Simple and effective.

They say it’s good to get involved in your school. I’ve found that East has a strange way of enticing their students to do exactly that. I have to admire how seriously the upperclassmen take school spirit. In all three of my interviews, I asked if they were doing a sport or some sort of activity and they all said they are. In response, Liberty Dawson said, “I’m in color guard, and I enjoy it a lot.” Again, simple and effective. Compared to middle school, high school offers many different programs, sports, clubs, etc. that allow for young adults to have the freedom of finding something they’re passionate about and genuinely enjoy.

To wrap up my interviews, I talked to freshmen girls basketball Coach, Mr. Ferrin. I asked him if he’s looking forward to the season. He said he looks forward to the first couple weeks of a new season because it’s an important time to assess everyone’s skills and watch them grow, not only individually, but as a team. I also asked him what his favorite part of getting a new group is. He responded, “Seeing how everyone’s personality meshes and the development of the team itself.”

Freshman year is an interesting time. Feelings are mixed, emotions are everywhere, and classes are hard. I’ll just say, throughout the two weeks we’ve been back at school, I can tell all the worrying we did was for absolutely nothing. Go Bengals!